Irina Serotyuk - accordion player from Ukraine



CD_1 "The play of antitheses" (2006)

Irina Serotyuk. CD_1 "The play of antitheses" (2006)
  1. V.Zubytsky. Prelude and toccata -
  2. J.P.Rameau. Les Sauvages
  3. J.P.Rameau. L'Egiptienne -
  4. T.Lundquist. Metamorphoses -
  5. V.Vlasov. When friends are leaving -
  6. J.S.Bach. Prelude and Fugue in D minor -
  7. V.Vlasov. Telephone conversation -
  8. J.Haydn. Menuet and rondo -
  9. A.Piazzolla. Sentido unico
  10. Ye.Derbenko. Sonata in classic style -

Total time: 52'24

Price excluding postage - 12€

*linked mp3 files are short samples of the pieces (2-3 minutes)

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The records by Irina Serotyuk are a testimony of her talent, originality and peculiarity. Being just eighteen years old, she is already a skilled musician due to her hard and purposeful work. She won eighteen times in different music contests. She was awarded a first prize thirteen times, including those in Klingenthal, Germany and in Castelfidaro, Italy. Also, she was awarded a second prize three times and a third prize two times.

While performing a music piece, she shows not only a masterly technique and wide range possession of vivid performer’s methods, but she demonstrates her ability to impart the utmost music content and essence. The original music pieces by Irina Serotyuk, an international music contests laureate, broadly reflect a rich psychological palette, her talent and a performer’s individuality.

Her CD records are the best proofs of her fantastic performing abilities.

Professor V.Besfamilnov,
International Music Contests Laureate,
Honored Artist of Ukraine